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Acer AOD250-1633

Review Netbook Acer AOD250-1633

best new latest coolest funny top high technology gadgets Acer AOD250-1633 10.1-Inch NetbookAcer AOD250-1633 10.1-inch Netbook with Windows 7 for beginners is powered by 1.66 GHz processor Intel Atom N280, which is designed especially for mobile devices using an innovative design and structure of hafnium-infused circuitry to reduce leakage electric current in transistors to save power.

Acer AOD250-1633 is equipped with spacious 250 GB hard drive for storing large digital audio and mobile video library of the Aspire One also has 1 GB of installed RAM (2 GB maximum), (Draft-N Wi -Fi 802.11b / g / n), Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, multi-memory card reader, multiple USB ports and built-in email, web browsing, and digital media applications.

Acer AOD250-1633 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system boot operation, combining the ultimate in reliability and responsiveness with the familiarity and compatibility of Windows. Acer AOD250-1633 includes new features in Windows 7, such as lists Jump to help users better find and manage files and connect to printers and peripherals easier than ever.

Acer AOD250-1633 is a great option for students and business travelers who like to travel light, this model one AOD250 Aspire (AOD250-1633) in black has a 6 cell battery which offers up to 9 hours battery in the back and weighs 2.79 pounds. is a gadgets review with pics, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, etc. blog with webmaster’s comment. The materials are uploaded by visitors or webmaster. All of the content on this blog (including pics, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, etc.) is covered under Canadian, US and international copyright and trademark laws. The information contained in this site is for general data purposes only. These figures, graphics, photos, images, videos, something else. have been collected from various public sources including various sites (blogs, etc.), considering to be in public domain. Certain other content, figures, graphics, photographs, images, videos, and so on. released on are protected by copyright and are the property of their respective owners. retains no rights to pictures, graphics, photos, images, video recordings, etcetera on this site. We have no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the blog or the information. If you find any content, pics, graphics, photographs, images, video recordings, and so on that you consider shouldn’t be here, post us a removal notice.

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