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Nowadays everything is related to motion control when it comes to gaming. We don’t need to mention that Nintendo invented motion control with the Wii Remote and that other companies are trying to take motion control to a whole new level. Kinect should be here for the holiday season and we are still waiting for Sony Move controller with anticipation. Speaking of Sony Move, although it’s not released yet we have seen an interesting charger for it.


As you know, Sony Move is a new motion controller for PlayStation 3 that will give players a brand new gaming experience. Worst thing that can happen to you when you’re playing with motion controller is to break it accidently or to run out of batteries. You might remember that we have seen similar chargers for the Wii Remote, but now it’s Move’s turn. It took some time before chargers for Wii Remote have been released and for Sony Move chargers, they have been released several months before the controller itself.

The first charger for Sony Move comes from the company named Nyko and it is called Charge Station Quad. As for the Charge Station Quad, it can easily recharge four Move or four navigation controllers. Just as charger for Wii Remote, this charger isn’t using any wires. In addition, there are LED lights that are showing the recharge state of your controllers.

New Charge Station Quad is a great device that will surely make your gaming easier. Charger matches PS3 design perfectly and it is available for pre-order on Amazon for only $19.99.

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