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In this day and age of couch potatoes, we need to shove the kids away from the TV and video games, not suck them into it. For good health, a balanced diet and an exercise regime is something that moms should target for their children. In any case in their attempt to make fat kids addicted to gaming lose some weight Gymkids has come out with Step2Play. Here is how the Step2Play works: Made solely for (the now obsolete) Sony PlayStation Console, the stepper acts as liaison between the controller and your system, requiring the child to continually exercise at an “adjustable rate” determined by the parent in charge. The Step2Play will only allow the controller to function if the youngster onboard is keeping those paddles moving at a satisfactory pace, and supposedly targets the “calf and leg muscles”. Well I am a mother of two young children and would prefer to keep gaming and exercising poles apart. I think nothing can help the child better than a good game of ball in the park or a cool dash in the pool. Even cycling would do the trick. our children to workout to lose weight is a sad situation. The Gymkids Step2Play costs £115 ($218).
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