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Portable watermelon cooler

funny weird strange cool home gadget Japanese portable watermelon cooler Marugoto Tamachan

It’s keen enjoyment to eat iced watermelon in the scorching sun. Joybond, a Japanese company, recently developed portal watermelon cooling product called ‘Marugoto Tamachan,’ users can take it anywhere and eat iced watermelon anytime. In fact, this product is not only able to make watermelon cooling, but also can keep warm with its heating function. […]

Nike shoes is made into cool Speakers

weird odd crazy offbeat creative funny gadget geek products Nike shoes cool speaker (1)

Shoes & Hi-Fi enthusiasts pay attention please, a new product was born! Nike shoes has been by someone made into absolutely cool speakers, superb skills besides world’s top brands, don’t you think it has very good collection values? Or is it for playing PC basketball games? No matter what, let’s appreciate it firstly.         […]

Unique ‘Plug MP3 player’

interesting new cool funny design creative convenient gadget Plug MP3 player

There is no difference between the "Plug MP3 player” and the normal plugs in appearance, people will mistake it for a plug if there’s no control panel, it’s just a simple MP3 player in function and control panel is similar to the iPod shuffle, it also has a LED indicator and can be charged when […]

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