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Inkjet Printer Problems – Part 2

16.Last page of document is left in the printer.
1.Use the printer FORMFEED button to eject the paper.
2.Add another separator page to the end of the document in the word processing program.

17.Printer loses text.
1.Reinstall printer software drivers.
2.Try a different printer cable.
3.Try printing from a different program.
4.Check printer switch settings (if any).
5.Check the printer port.

18.Paintbrush graphics are too small.
1.Increase the SCALING FACTOR in Paintbrush program.

19.Printer prints different resolution than expected.
1.Check printer resolution under PRINTER SETUP in Windows.

20.Ink runs a little using an inkjet / bubblejet printer.
1.Don’t touch the paper for 15 seconds after it’s printed.
2.Try a higher-grade paper or fast drying paper.

21.Printer prints off the edge of page.
1.Paper may not be aligned correctly in printer.
2.Software settings may be incorrect.

22.Printout does not match the paper size.
1.Paper size selected under printing options may be incorrect.
2.Paper width selected under printing options may be incorrect.

23.Paper Jam.
1.Turn off the printer.
2.Gently remove the paper, moving the paper in the direction of least resistance.

24.Printer has repeated paper jams.
1.Try a different type of paper.
2.Make sure the paper selection lever is in the correct position.
3.Make sure to fan the paper.
4.The printer may need a roller adjustment by a service technician.

25.Printer prints in some programs, but not others.
1.If the printer is setup correctly in Windows, the printer should print in any Windows-based programs.
2.If the problem is printing from a DOS program, the printer may need to be setup to work in the DOS program.

26.The printer won’t print the output sideways.
1.Check that the LANDSCAPE OPTIONS is turned on under PRINTING OPTIONS.

27.A print job keeps printing after cancelling the print job.
1.The printer has a buffer that stores information to be printed. Canceling the print job doesn’t clear the buffer, it still has to complete printing. To stop printing quicker, turn off the printer.

28.Cannot run a printer self-test.
1.Most inkjet printers run a self-test holding down either the LF or FF button while turning on the printer. Check the printer manual.
2.Most lasers print a self-test from a menu option.
3.Some printers require being setup with a computer in order to run a print test.

29.Ink does not dry fast enough when printing multiple pages from an inkjet / bubblejet printer.
1.Remove the pages one at a time as they finish printing.
2.Try fast drying paper.

30.Cannot print envelopes correctly.
1.Check for a lever that needs to be switched to the envelope position.
2.May need to adjust paper thickness lever.
3.Fan envelopes before placing through printer.
4.Make sure software is correctly setup to print envelopes.
5.Usually the top of the envelope goes in first.
6.The left side is aligned against the paper guide.

31.Splashed dots on paper.
1.Ink nozzles on print head may be clogged. Clean print head.
2.Paper thickness lever may not be set correctly.

32.Paper edge is soiled with ink.
1.The printer platen in the printer may be soiled with ink. Clean the platen and run sheets through printer.

33.Streaks or missing dots.
1.Ink head nozzle may be clogged or dusty. Run the PRINTER HEAD CLEANING utility at least 2-3 times consecutively prior to printing.
2.Cartridge may be incorrectly installed.
3.Select high quality mode.
4.Print head may be worn out.

34.Output appears jagged.
1.Printing resolution may be low quality.
2.Try a higher-grade paper.
3.Inkjet print will appear jagged on very small text.
4.Try a different font.

35.Blurred or smudged ink.
1.Select a different print mode.
2.Try a higher-grade paper.
3.Adjust paper thickness.
4.Try printing on other side of the paper.
5.Using correct cartridge.

36.Some colors do not print out on the printer self test.
1.Run the printer cleaning utility at least 2 times consecutively and re-try the print test.
2.Check that a black cartridge isn’t installed in a single cartridge color printer.

37.Black text appears different when printing from the color cartridge on a single cartridge inkjet printer.
1.Don’t use the color cartridge to print black. The black from a color cartridge may look grayish. Use a black only cartridge.

38.Color cartridge wears out quickly and prints mostly black.
1.A single cartridge that prints both black and color will wears out as quickly as a cartridge that prints black only. Get a black only cartridge and use it when printing text only.

39.Printer prints black only (Printer is color capable).
1.The wrong printer driver may be selected.
2.The printer driver may not be selected for color output.
3.Check that the printer is not a single cartridge printer with a black ink cartridge installed.
4.The color cartridge may not be working properly. Run a printer self-test.

40.Colors are broken or uneven.
1.Run the printer cleaning utility.
2.The print mode may be incorrect. Try changing the printing setup in software.
3.See if the same problem occurs with different colors. May be a bad cartridge.

41.Colors print incorrectly.
1.Wrong print driver may be selected.
2.The software may not be setup for color print.
3.Check all options under the printer setup.

42.Colors in a line are uneven or different from previous lines.
1.Printer was taken off-line and then placed back on-line during printing.
2.The print mode does not match the data pattern. Change media type of paper.

43.Color images are missing some detail.
1.Change from media type plain paper to coated paper.
2.Run the print cleaning utility.

44.Cannot print in condensed mode.
1.Condensed mode could be controlled by the following options:
The font itself.
Windows Control Panel settings.
Condensed printing option from the printer.
Try each individually, making sure the other options are off.
2.If each individual option doesn’t work, try two options together.

45.Printing is becoming lighter.
1.The printer cartridge or toner needs to be replaced.
2.If the cartridge is new, the print head may need to be cleaned.

46.Dots are missing in graphics or intermittent lines appear in printouts.
1.The print head nozzles may be clogged. Clean the print head.

47.The ejected paper is wrinkled.
1.Fan the paper before placing in the printer.
2.The paper may be too thin or damp.

48.Error light comes on and printer beeps.
1.Check for a paper jam.
2.Check that the paper is lined up correctly. Could be a paper sensor warning.
3.Check that the ink cartridge isn’t completely empty.
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