The world’s smallest digital camera

funny interesting gadget worlds smallest mini digital camera

It isn't a toy, which is designed and manufactured by an American company and known as the "world's smallest digital camera," it's very difficult to find it if you're careless to lose this diminutive gadget. The tiny camera can take photos of 2 million pixel and can also record video. The manufacturer said that ...

Transformers tetrachord – Customized musical instrument

amazing creative fun interesting unique customized musical instrument

A factory of tetrachord produce a kind of Transformers tetrachord, exactly, they are studio specializing in the customized tetrachord, only for orders of customization, no stock products. If you wanna customize a unique tetrachord, then manufacturers will charge different fees according to the degree of difficulty, about 400 to $ 3,000. ...

Creative sculpture of the mushroom cloud of the A-bomb

amazing weird bizarre cool creative design sculpture mushroom cloud A-bomb tree house

Does it look much like the mushroom cloud of atomic bomb? But it’s actually a 6.4m sculpture, designed by American sculptor Dietrich Wegner, the top of which is a small house that children can play inside of and the functions is same as ordinary tree house. Dietrich Wegner deems that his work is a symbol ...

Diamond lights

creative interesting funny design diamond light bulb

Diamond is not used to wear, but for shining as lights! Of course, it's not made of real diamond, just a kind of ordinary light bulbs with awesome design, really creative and impressive.

Appealing design – Light bulb radio

cool awesome avantgarde high tech attractive appealing radio simple concept design (2)

Radio in combination with light. Designer Na Yoon-mi's concept with avant-garde design elements, the shape of this radio looks a bulb alike. On transparent material screens the radio frequency and volume displayed in a unique form, by the slider on the right user can adjust the radio frequency displaying on the screen. Beautiful ...

Quad SIM Cards & Quad Standby Smart Phone

amazing cool surprising crazy awesome new latest Quad SIM cards Quad standby smart phone (5)

This is a Quad SIM cards & Quad standby smart phone, can be installed four different SIM cards. Open the battery cover, then remove the battery, you can see the four SIM card slots. This bar phone looks very similar with Blackberry, adopting 2.4-inch touch screen with QWERTY keyboard and built-in TV receiver, which ...

The prettiest Christmas lights you have ever seen!

amazing cool awesome wonderful excellent magic most beautiful prettiest Christmas lights (7)

British light designer, Bruce Munro, who brings a truly magical world for us, whose installation Field of Light in the grounds of the Holbourne Museum, Bath is a fantastic sea of lights that delicately changing colour in the darkness, it’s the most beautiful Christmas lights I’ve seen.   ...

Very helpful concept multitap – Multi Saving Power Strip

creative awesome cool different concept design gadget multitappower saving (5)

Feature: Concept multi-tap with a system to help users minimize power consumption after recognizing loss of electric power Consumed electric power is converted into dollars (concept of money) and it's displayed on the LCD window next to consent to prevent loss of electric power and solve its thoughtless use. Figures (concept of ...

iPhone4S VS Barrett M82 – Weird tests of Apple’s products

weird odd strange bizarre crazy fun interesting surprising test apple products iphone

When Apple's new products to market, which will suffer a variety of "mistreatment", it's said that ratedrr with a Gatling gun had fired a white iPad 2. Recently, iPhone 4S was also 'mistreated' by ratedrr with a new weapon, Barrett M82's armor-piercing incendiary, let's have a look at the amazing moment of this odd test. ...

Super cool earphones look like vampire’s tooth

super cool awesome inspired creative earphones bionics design (5)

Skullcandy earphones designed by Catherine Wong look like the human bone joints or even the vampire's tooth. With bionics, the complex structure and unusual texture it has is incomparable for other earphones, with these joints the user can adjust the earphone flexibility to fit the curvature of their own, iPhone is around everywhere, however, owning ...

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