Transparent USB memory stick with colorful aurora – The kind of data is recognized with colors

This enchanting concept gadget is created by Japanese designer Mac Funamizu, the most prominent feature of this flash drive is the lights in different colors to indicate the kind of data saved in the flash drive. When there’s no light, it means no data saved in it, red lights represents the images data, blue represents various kinds of document files, green means video files, of course, lights filling the glass means the storage space of memory stick has run out.

enchanting-beautiful-nice-transparent-usb-flash-drive-colors-lights-indicator enchanting-beautiful-nice-transparent-usb-flash-drive-colors-lights-indicator (1)enchanting-beautiful-nice-transparent-usb-flash-drive-colors-lights-indicator (2) enchanting-beautiful-nice-transparent-usb-flash-drive-colors-lights-indicator (3)

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