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I tend to hang onto odds and ends from gadgets. My justification is always “you never know when you might need a cable/case/obscure memory card format/box”. And 9 times out of 10, I forget about all that stuff until it’s time for spring cleaning.

But sometimes it really comes in handy. I never threw out my Kindle 1 case even after I replaced it with a M-Edge one, since I figured it might be useful someday. Last week I was reading a few books on my Camangi Webstation, and it just highlighted how much I hated the simple slipcover that came with it. I strongly prefer book-style cases, especially for items I’m using to read books. (Hey, I may like the ebook format, but there are some aspects of the reading experience I like to be a bit book-y.) So I sorted through some boxes in the attic, and came across my Kindle 1 case.

top latest cool high technology gadgets gift

With a bit of velcro and some adjustments to optimally placing the Camangi so all the ports were accessible, the Kindle 1 case works fabulously. In fact, aside from around a lip of wasted space at the outer edge, the case fits like it was made for the Camangi.

top latest cool high technology gadgets gift

Now, not everyone has a Camangi and a Kindle 1 case lying around, but the point here is that old gear might yet have a second life in it! Now I just need to go find a justification for my punching bag…

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