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There has been considerable excitement in the Mac gaming community leading up to next week’s anticipated release of the OS X Steam Client (and the associated games).

Now thanks to Phonorix we have pretty definitely looking information that Valve is working hard on a Steam client for Linux. According to the site:

Less than two weeks ago we reported on the Mac OS X Steam client confirming the existence of a Linux client and then found more Linux references too. We then found the unreleased Steam Linux binaries that were under active development. Some still didn’t believe the existence of a Steam client for Linux with Source Engine support, but it’s something we have said for nearly two years based upon our sources and then the emergence of these binaries.

You can also check out this massive forum thread at Phonorix (22 pages and counting!). There are any number of topics floating around that thread, some of them actually involving Steam and Linux!

Personally I am thrilled about this development – not because I am a heavy Linux user or because I am likely to install Linux on any laptop capable of playing newer games, but just because of the support this shows. Valve is clearly taking the lead in saying that anyone with a computer is a potential ‘computer gamer’, and that they want to target the whole community. I think that is great, and hope the sales of games lead others to join in and release top-notch native versions of their games for Mac and Linux sooner rather than later.

So what do you think? Are you excited about Steam coming to Linux? Will it make you more likely to give the OS a try if one of the major digital game publishers sets up shop? Or are you waiting to see how many games actually follow?

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