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For myself and many other gamers who love handheld gaming, the single element holding back the iPod & iPhone from being the preeminent handheld gaming system is that for many, many games, the nebulous touch-screen control interface … well, it is crap.

Not that the touch controls of the device are inadequate, but in the context of playing a game – particularly an action game – you can run into two situations: either you are trying to control fast-paced action and your fingers move outside of the designated region, or your fingers are blocking a critical part of the game. Let’s face it, having thumbs occupy ~1″ square in each corner of a screen ~2″ x 3″ means inherently blocking 33% of the screen real estate! And as I mentioned, the lack of tactile feedback can often lead to ‘thumb drift’ resulting in control errors.

So as Doug asked me a few weeks back – why hasn’t someone done something about this yet? Honestly I remembered hearing stuff but didn’t know why it had taken 2 years since the launch of the App Store to get to this point! Anyway, the one controller everyone has been waiting for – iControlPad – has now started production!

Here is a video of the devices history:

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If you want to keep track, you can follow them on Twitter. Here are a couple of posts:

Ordering starts in September – pricing details coming very soon.

Just want to point out again the ICP has a huge battery in that lower part which doubles the iPhone battery life for gaming.

These are the first units being assembled for developers and reviews.

And here is the picture alluded to in that comment:

top latest cool high technology gadgets gift

I am quite excited for this – I still have a 32GB first-gen iPod Touch, but am considering updating when (if?) new ones are introduced in early September so long as they have a reasonable array of new hardware advances – and if so I can definitely see an iPod Touch with iControlPad providing my main handheld gaming system!

What do you think?
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