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Google seemed pretty intent on rolling out the Nexus One to all four carriers, but it looks like they’ve changed course. The Nexus One site no longer says “coming soon” for Verizon. Instead, it shills the HTC Incredible.

Remember, the Incredible and the Nexus One are both HTC made phones. But clearly someone has more of a stake in pushing the Incredible. It is easy to blame Verizon, with their history of controlling behavior, but I think HTC has more at stake here.

Think about it; if Verizon oks the Nexus One and the Incredible, either way the customer is paying Verizon for service. If anything, a full price Nexus One is probably a better deal since there’s no subsidy involved. On the other hand, the Nexus One name has gained some traction in the tech world. And HTC is trying hard to get their branding and name out there. With all the work and polish they put into Sense UI, they may not have wanted to compete with themselves and lose to the stock Android of the N1.

This is especially true if you consider the reports that you cannot disable Sense UI on the Incredible. Yes, there are home replacements, but those are only skin deep. HTC spent a lot of time and money on their custom interface and they really want consumers using it!

Incidentally, since Judie has used a Nexus One and an Incredible, I asked her which she preferred. The answer? The Incredible is a better overall phone, the N1 wins on hardware, but if the HD2 ran Android she’d take that over either!

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