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Looks like Verizon’s love affair with Android isn’t ending so fast. Boy Genius Report says that Google is teaming up with Verizon to bring out an Android tablet. Personally, I think this is awesome news, and Google needs this tablet out ASAP.

There’s a few reasons why this has the potential to be a huge win for Google. For starters, it helps slow the dilution of the Android tablet market. If you think the phones are fractured, just look at the tablets. There’s a veritable army of current and rumored tablets, from Archos to MSI to Asus to obscure Chinese manufacturers. Unfortunately, an Android tablet with 1.5, a resistive touchscreen and so-so build quality isn’t going to impress someone comparing it to the iPad. Since Google proved themselves able to set the bar with the Nexus One, it gives me a great deal of hope that they’ll do the same with the Android tablet market.

Then there’s the content side. YouTube has started renting videos, Google Editions are poised to hit the ebook world, and then there’s Google Docs, Picasa, etc. In fact, with news that Google may have nailed down every major publisher for Google Editions, having a tablet is a no-brainer as a showcase for ebooks alone!

Finally, I think Android is going to really shine in a tablet form. I’ve tested many apps with the Camangi Webstation, and almost all of them work fine with a larger 7 inch screen. The only apps with issues are home replacements and Kobo’s “Shortcovers” app, though in the case of the latter I think it’s just a very finicky piece of software. In any case, it gives me good faith that Android should scale up with minimal issues to a nice large screen. Plus, I’m a huge Status Note junky, so a nice wide notification bar makes me do a happy dance.

As you can tell, I’m pretty excited at the potential a Google tablet might have, especially if Verizon gives it a similar plan AT&T has for the iPad. I don’t know how to read the tea leaves on what this says about any Verizon/Apple relationship, but it’s obvious that Verizon feels very strongly about Android, and that’s awesome news to me!

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