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What you’re looking at is color changing paint; it’s invisible during the day, but at night … well, as the song goes — the freaks come out at night.

Gadgets & Gear is introducing a glow in the dark powder that when professionally mixed with the highest quality car paints produces glow in the dark effects that can last for up to 20 glowing hours. This isn’t some one shot deal, either, as the paint’s glowing properties can last for up to 10 years!

Sure, you could design some really cool paint design that looks fabulous during the day and then really stands out at night, like this one for instance …

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… and after dark …

top latest cool high technology gadgets gift

Well maybe it’s just me, but I can picture someone mixing this with a clear paint and applying it in totally devious ways … leaving not so subtle insults or graffiti on people’s vehicles, buildings, and other places that aren’t obvious until it’s dark. But I’m evil like that. ;-)

1lbs of mixing Glow Powder (To paint a full size vehicle, 5-6lbs of glow powder is required. 1 Gallon of clear base should be mixed with 1-2lbs of Cii-LITE)
Up to 20 glowing hours
Available glowing colors are Aqua blue, Sky blue,Violet, White, Yellow, Green, Red and Orange.
Full engineering technical support
Step by step mixing instructional video
Adsorbs and re-emits light
Glows up to 12 hours
Reacts to heat sources
Tested durability (up to 10 years) dishwasher safe
Can be incorporated into/onto most materials
Can be combined with other effects, glitter, pearl, etc
Pigment technology

Our product is a photon manipulating particles. It works as a photonic battery to hold cell of light and then release it slowly. It is the achievement of a full color spectrum and different special effects through nano particle blends of non-organic materials. The crystal has a ceramic-metallic piezo structure.Glowing time varies of up to 20 hours depending on the environment and application.

Why buy powder instead of glowing paint that is ready to go? Well the cost-per-pound basis is much less expensive for than any glow products on market today (almost under 6 times less expensive). Our products are better than any other glowing product on market because the particles are much easier to incorporate into any manufacturing processes than many of the additives it replaces. For example the glow paint that you would buy to paint your car is going to be low quality paint, which will fade, peel or crack within time. You need special car paint to paint your vehicle. Using our particles you can mix into any car paint good or state of the art quality such as House of Kolor and have the glowing effect that no other car has.

Unlike the competition, our product withstands high-temperature and high-pressure environment (mixing within glass and metals). The particles are made from non-organic materials, chemically inert and environmentally safe. It is non-bleeding and is available in customized sizes and full color spectrum glowing and reflective effects. The application can also be used in aerosol, reflective aerosol, candles, polymer pellets, ABS plastics, vinyl sheets, metals parts, jewelry, silk screen (fabrics), crystals, highways, signs and much more.

The raw glow pigment is: Alkaline Rare Earth Metal Silicate-Aluminate Oxide Europium Doped

Gadgets and Gear’s Glow in the Dark Car Paint is $129.95 per bag; stock up! :-)

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