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Back in the day, a cable station renamed itself from “TNN” to “Spike TV,” and positioned itself to be “the first television channel for men.”   Frankly, I have no idea what that means in the abstract–to me it would be lots of James Bond movies, interspersed with The Three Stooges–but the Spike programming folks interpreted it as lots of wrestling and police procedurals, with Sponge Bob reruns mixed in.  Go figure.

But while Spike may have been the first, Canada has chimed in with the much more blatantly-named “Men TV:  For Dudes.  Definitely.”  And Men TV is releasing a new series called Gadget Girlz:

Gadget Girlz  aims to educate viewers on the latest gadgets and technological advances set to break loose on the consumer market – promising to WOW and impress all audiences including gadgeteers and tech geeks alike.

Their press info also tells us that this show has “4 tech-savvy female hosts,” each of whom “has a degree in a related field, specializing in her own area of technological expertise.”  So clearly, a techno-nerd review show with pretty girl geeks as hosts.  The 12 year-old geek in me cries, “How can you go wrong?”  Available for all you Canadian readers out there on Thursdays @ 3:30pm, 9:30pm; Fridays @ 5:30am;  Saturdays @ 6:30am, 11:30am, and 5:30pm.  (No info as to showings in the U.S. or other locales.)

The folks at Positive Living Productions have produced a nice press release, which they’ve sent us in PDF form and which I present below for your edification.

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