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Thanks to the Altech Lansing sound technology, dual 14 mm speakers and bass-boost feature, you can enjoy your music in full-spectrum stereo for a rich audio experience. And when it’s time to make or take a call, the headphones feature dual-mic AudioIQ, an advanced digital signal processing technology that dramatically improves the audio levels on both ends of your call, giving you superb call clarity and performance. Enjoy full-spectrum stereo music and take your calls wirelessly with the Plantronics BackBeat 903 Bluetooth Headphones. These ultra-comfortable wireless headphones deliver rich stereo sound from your stereo Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or MP3 player, while smart dual-mic AudioIQ voice technology offers exceptional clarity for your cell calls. And with a quick tap of the headphone’s OpenMic button, you can immediately hear what’s going on around you without removing the headphones.


    Wireless headphones for your stereo Bluetooth mobile phone feature
    Separate your voice from the noise using dual-mic AudioIQ technology
    Hear your outside world with a quick press of the OpenMic button
    Enjoy the full dynamic range of your music using bass-boost feature
    Personalize your fit with telescoping and swivel adjustments

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