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The IvySkin Reflective Screen is the perfect accessory if you’re into the modern look. The protector provides a super shinny screen that appears on top of the display when it’s not in use, yet still allows touch access when you’re ready to use your device…very cool! The iPhone Xylo case is a perfect accessory for your iPhone and everything you will do with it. Its sophisticated design accentuates the modern individual. The new Xylo provides the protection you need with the style that you require. Featuring bumper to bumper protection for iPhone and amazing high-graded polysilicon material, Xylo Duo’s minimalist all-silicon design integrates a discrete protective screen that blends seamlessly with durable black smooth silicon and is remarkably slim. More importantly, you have full access to all ports without having to remove the case. The all-new patent pending design of all our silicone cases features a unique coating on the silicone which gives it a more smooth, polished look and creates a lint free surface. The Xylo case also features a Holster clip that swivels 360 degrees so you can clip it to your belt or bag easily, for added portability.


    Designed from every angle, the Xylo delivers on its promise to protect your iPhone. Made with polysillicon material, it is second to none on the market today.
    Ultra Tough 2mm thick LEXoN Polysilicon 2tone Skin that truly protects your iPhone from accidental drops in every angle! At ivyskin, we have an affinity to the color black.
    Unlike any hard to install adhesive screen film on the market, our ultra hard coated screen protectors are non-adhesive and easy to install, it is securely fitted on your iPhone. No bubbles on the screen.

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