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Give yourself some comfort by being in more than one place at the same time to keep watch over your business. Business surveillance has never been easier or more accessible thanks to remote access and control functions. Formerly Linksys Business Series, now Cisco Small Business Video Surveillance Cameras, the WVC2300 Wireless-G Business Internet Video Camera with Audio provides top-of-the-line image and audio quality in low-light (and with a separate IR lamp, no-light) situations. Dual-codec selectable compression makes for an optimal combination of viewing and storage of video. The WVC2300 is quick and easy to mount, and compact enough to store outdoors, inside a protective enclosure. The camera can easily be connected to devices like alarm panels and passive infrared sensors.


    Former Linksys Business Series
    Sends high-quality live video to your network wirelessly
    Interchangeable lenses and I/O ports
    High-quality progressive-scan CCD sensor
    Simultaneous dual CODECs make an optimal combination of video viewing and storage

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