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The Boxee Box by D-Link is a gadget that will allow you to watch whatever online content you want on your TV. No need to connect a computer to the TV or use a keyboard or mouse. There are 1000s of shows available for free, ready to watch anytime. And the amazing thing is Boxee doesn’t have a subscription fee…it’s free. You have the option to pay for premium content on demand (exactly…only when you want it instead of subscribing to 500 channels and you only watch a handful). And access to all of this content is facilitated with a very intuitive interface alleviating the need for a keyboard or mouse. It just got easier and more comfortable – so go ahead and get lost in your entertainment!


    Enjoy thousands of shows available for free from your favorite networks, ready to watch at any time
    Check-out free movies from the web & watch new releases in stunning HD from premium movie services
    Play videos, songs, or pictures from your computer or home network
    Plays any non-DRM video, music, and photos and media from anywhere on the Internet
    For the best Boxee Box experience, use a wired, high-speed internet connection

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