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Your cell phone is your lifeline. As long as your cell phone has juice in it, you have communication to your world. But what happens when that cell phone battery dies, and you have to make that important call while out in the world? You panic. You try to find a pay phone; but they are few and far between. You even think of asking that stranger if you can “borrow” their phone for a couple of minutes. Then, as you look in their eyes; you think twice, because you know the answer would be “NO!”. Well, here is where this little gadget comes in. The Turbocell Charger uses simple and readily available AA batteries to pump some go-juice into your cell phone’s lithium ions. As small as a pack of gum, and with enough connectors to mate with nearly any manufacturer’s phone, you’ll be good to go, no matter where it is you’re going. And it should give you just what you need. The average AA battery can add up to two hours of talk time to your device. Just enough time to make those important calls. It can plug into nine different types of phones. Chances are, your phone is on the list. All you do is insert 1 AA battery, and you’re good to go. And the device has a safety feature to keep your phone from overheating. I don’t know why they didn’t think of this idea any sooner!

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