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So you finally got some time off work. And you’re on VACATION at the beach! You are all ready to get that great tan, and enjoy the water. But you forgot your sunscreen and tanning lotion. No problem…if you come across one of these little stations at your favorite beach. The Sunscreen Mist Station and Mist Booth.

“Ocean Potion Sun Care and Sunscreen Mist, market leader in sunscreen application systems, have joined hands to make your beach holidays harmless and change your means to protect skin from sunburns entirely. They have plans to open fully automated vending units or booths at most visited beaches where tourists would instantly be able to apply a measured dose of skincare products according to their desired level of protection, means no missed spots and less chance of harmful skin diseases. It will also help keeping beaches clean from skincare cans and tubes.”

Why didn’t I think of that?

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