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Samsung i8510

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The approaching release of Samsung SGH i8510, or G850 in other words, brings us a lot of concerns about how spheres of influence in the smartphone market will be divided among the biggest companies playing on this field. The matter that may cause it to pass on Samsung’s is the presently expected G850. Besides its more than full list of options, this gadget from Samsung is going to show off 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and one of the first ever built in to a mobile phone 5.1 surround sound.

Samsung i8510 is obviously implemented in close to U900 and G810 models design which is probably supposed to breed in us brand recognizability. However that may be, i8510 is not just as fine-looking smartphone as some of its opponents, but most of those who will choose this gadget for their business needs will like its austere style. They won’t be disappointed by Samsung’s i8510 technical abilities either. But there are still some advantages and drawbacks to discuss. First of all let’s mark the fact that Samsung i8510 isn’t yet in stores, so developers will have time to react all the negative comments. If we get them fixed – good, but some facts, that are already settled, have disappointed many gadget enthusiasts.

Talking about camera it is LED flash that is supposed to be xenon. Samsung’s operating system will probably be the latest S60 which is not bad. In cooperation with 128MB RAM it wouldn’t take its customer wait long while opening big media files or other stuff. Other main details about this smartphone are 16GB memory NAND card, 3G HSDPA with speed up to 7.2 Mbps, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, etc. all those are obvious to have when we speak about Samsung smartphone for more than 750 Euros. Nevertheless a sum of money like that won’t bring you touchscreen, which would have been logical in this case. If we take a look back to, for example, i780 model, we will see it has a small QWERTY keyboard and (due to many comments) it is a trouble to use fast for a quantity of Samsung users. I was predicting touchscreen for the next Samsung smartphone, but once again we got a slider with a typical keyboard.

Samsung i8510 was conceived to be a Sony Ericsson C905 CyberShot rival. Well, this competition is only a matter of your own taste. Anyway even more confrontation comes after this. How i8510 will compete with Sony Ericsson’s upcomings? That is a true secret yet because both Sony Ericsson and Samsung have a lot to offer.

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