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Resetting Compaq Aero 1500


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If your Aero 1500 Series locks up and stops responding due to a hardware or software malfunction, you may need to reset your device. Your device can be reset in two ways, depending on the situation. A normal reset does not affect data that has been saved in memory. A full reset erases memory contents and settings. Resetting yourdevice does not affect the operating system.

Performing a Normal Reset Soft reset

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A normal reset restarts your device much like pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del
restarts a computer.
To perform a normal reset:

1. Save all work.

IMPORTANT: Do not turn off the device as the device must remain on in
order to reset.

2. Turn over the device.

Hard reset Soft reset

3. Use the tip of the stylus to press the reset button (1)

4. The device automatically restarts.

Performing a Full Reset Hard reset

A full reset restarts your device and removes all information stored in
RAM memory such as data files and system settings. Perform a full reset
if a normal reset does not solve the system lockup or failure.
NOTE: If you have saved your data using one of the backup procedures, it is possible to restore your saved data after performing a full reset.

1. Disconnect the device from the AC Adapter, if using external power.
2. Turn over the device.
3. Remove both the main battery and the backup battery.
4. Wait at least 1 minute, then replace the batteries.
5. Turn over the device, then press the power button to restart the device.
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