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Todays cellphones do most things that laptop or desktop computers do. We no longer need to carry around that lap top to compose or receive email, do minor text editing, or browse the web. But with cell phones, there are physical limitations, because of the small screen. A Dutch company, Polymer VIsion, will be releasing the Readius, a 3G cell phone with a 5-inch, foldout screen, so you don’t have to strain your eyes to read emails and documents. While the phone itself is no bigger than the average cell phone, the screen turns it into an electronic reader (with a black and white screen, much like Amazon’s Kindle). This device, called the “Readius”, is the size of a typical cell phone and has a large 5-inch screen that folds out from the body of the phone. Having a fold-out display is something new to the cell phone industry, and it allows the cell phone to have a much larger screen without adding very much bulk to the phone itself. The Readius is small enough to fit it your pocket. The makers of the Readius say, “You get the large display of e-reading, the super battery life of e-reading, and the high-end connectivity … and the form factor and weight of a mobile phone”.

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