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Inkjet Printer Problems – Part 1

1.MOST COMMON PRINTER PROBLEMS – Printer doesn’t Print
a.Check that the printer is turned on.
b.Check that printer on-line button is lit.
c.Check that printer cable is connected to both the printer and the computer.
d.Check that paper is properly setup in the printer.
e.Try printing a printer self test without the computer. There may be a problem with the cartridge.
f.Check that computer is setup with the correct printer driver software.
g.Check that the printer parallel port is correctly setup in CMOS. Parallel port setting options could include ECP or EPP mode.
h.Check that Windows recognizes a printer port in Control Panel / System / Device Manager / Ports.
i.The printer could require a bi-directional printer cable.
j.Try a print a TEST PRINT page in Windows.
k.Make sure the tape wrapped on a new inkjet cartridge from drying out is removed and the cartridge is properly installed.
l.Try running the printer cartridge cleaning utility. Run the cleaning utility three times in a row before attempting to test print.

2.Printer prints garbled text.
1.Run a printer self test to verify that the problem is between the computer and printer.
2.Make sure the correct printer driver is installed.
3.If printer isn’t listed under Windows, refer to manual for other printer drivers that may work.
4.Try different drivers as suggested by the printer manual.
5.Reinstall the printer driver.
6.Try a different printer cable.
7.Try a bi-directional printer cable.
8.Check the printer connection port.
9.If printer selects font cartridges, make sure the proper cartridge is selected when choosing printer options.

3.Print quality is not good.
1.Try printing at a higher resolution. To change resolution:
Click on the TYPE OF PRINTER icon being used with the computer.
Select a new resolution option.
2.Try a higher quality paper.
3.Run the printer print cleaning utility.
4.Run the printer cleaning utility at least 3 times consecutively before reprinting the document.

4.Print is not clear.
1.Try printing on other side of paper.
2.Adjust paper thickness lever.
3.Print head may need cleaning. Run printer-cleaning utility 3 times consecutively prior to testing again.
4.Using correct cartridge and not a re-filled cassette.

5.Printer seems to print slow.
1.Is the printing process slow prior to the information being sent to the printer or after the information is received by the printer? If the answer is prior to the printer, the bottleneck may be with the computer. Check system configuration, may need more memory or free drive space.
2.Print in DRAFT mode instead of LETTER QUALITY mode.
3.Try printing at a lower resolution (360 dpi instead of 720 dpi).
Click on the TYPE OF PRINTER icon being used with the computer.
Select a new resolution option.
4.Try printing a different font.
5.Try adjusting the memory manager in Windows / Printer Setup.
6.Check the printer setup in CMOS.
7.Try a bi-directional printer cable.
8.Add memory to a laser printer or computer memory for an inkjet printer.

6.Printer prints too slow in DOS.
1.If printer has a smoothing mode, disable it.
2.If printer has a high quality mode, change to low quality.

7.The printer appears to be printing, but nothing appears on the paper.
1.The print cartridge may be clogged. Clean the print cartridge.
2.Remove the cartridge from the printer and check that all paper is removed from where the ink exits from the cartridge.
3.Run a printer self-test to see if the problem is with the printer or the computer / printer setup.
4.Try a different cartridge.

8.Printer dialog box does not have any printers listed.
1.Verify that the printer INF file exists. Check for file PTRUPD.INF file in the Windows\Inf directory.
2.File copy error may have occurred during printer installation. Retry the printer installation.

9.Printer model not listed in Windows Setup when installing.
1.Select HAVE DISK during the printer installation when selecting the type of printer. Then insert the manufacturer’s diskette and click O.K. If diskettes are missing:
2.Check printer manual to see what alternative printer drivers can be used. Setup an alternative driver.
3.Contact printer manufacturer for an updated printer driver or download driver from the manufacturer’s website on the Internet.
4.Try setting up in Windows as a GENERIC / TEXT PRINTER, however this setting will not permit the printer to print different font styles or sizes.

10.Error message “INSUFFICIENT MEMORY” when trying to print a document on the Internet”.
1.A laser printer may need more memory.
2.An inkjet printer may need more computer RAM memory.
3.Windows can be adjusted to print with less memory. To adjust the handling of print jobs:
Click on the default printer.
Select PROPERTIES from the PRINTER menu.
Move the slider towards AGGRESSIVE.
4. Try to print the document again.

11.Computer stalls while printing.
1.Restart the computer in the SAFE mode and retry printing.
2.Check the printer memory setup if available. Adjust for more memory.

12.Computer indicates a device time-out.
1.Computer sends data to printer but printer does not respond.
2.Check that printer is not turned off or off-line.
3.Check that paper is fed properly and cable is on both ends correctly.
4.Adjust time out timing in Windows printer setup.

13.Error Message: “Printer is not responding”.
1.Check if problem with printer like jammed paper.
2.Make sure printer is on-line. On-line button is lit.
3.Check the cable connections.
4.Printing high-end graphics, printer may be taking too long. Increase the retry setting time.

14.Page prints but is formatted incorrectly.
1.Check printer manual or software READ.ME files for information specific to the printer.
2.Verify correct software page settings:
Number of lines per page
Top of Form
Adjust these as necessary.
3.Check if printer has hardware switches to set page length. Set them correctly.
4.Try to print the same file twice to make sure problem is consistent. May be port problem.

15.Printer fails to feed paper correctly.
1.Make sure paper is placed correctly.
2.Fan paper before placing in printer.
3.Check paper path to make sure nothing is blocking it.
4.Verify that paper roller (mechanism that advances paper) is moving properly.
5.Check the software setup in the following options:
Adjust Page Setup
Number of Lines Per Page
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