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Blackberry Launch Black Pad as Ipad Rival

The rival tablet style computer, which certain RIM employees are calling the BlackPad, is expected to be revealed next week at a developer’s conference in San Francisco.

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The Blackberry iPad rival is expected to have a built in camera and a seven-inch touch screen.
Microsoft recently confirmed it is working with partners to produce rivals to the iPad.

Last month we also found out that QNX Software Systems would be behind the tablet’s dedicated OS. At the time it was thought that this unique OS would only be available for the tablet but WSJ’s sources have said “RIM eventually plans to transition its BlackBerry smartphones to the QNX operating system”, a very exciting bit of info.

Completely revamping the OS would definitely give RIM the edge they’ve needed in the smartphone race against competition like Apple and Google. If all goes well and these rumors hold up, we might just see a preview of the tablet and new OS next week.

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