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Google’s Android Operating System is taking over the world today, people who own Android Gadgets always look for Free Applications for their Android Devices.

There must be thousands of applications available for Android Operating System, but it isn’t easy to filter the best one from the useless ones. Though, none of the application is useless, but useless here stands for the one which is not useful for most of the Android Users.

If you are a multimedia freak and do not want to waste your time in filtering the best multimedia apps for Android Phones, then here is a lowdown list of Top 10 Free Multimedia Applications For Android Operating System:-


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift Pic Paint Android Application

Pic Paint :- Pic Paint is an application which is developed by Popcrowd Software. It is the highest resolution picture editing software available for Android OS. With the help of this software one can edit the already existing pics or one can click a new pic and edit it too. This software allows the user to add clip arts, fonts etc to the picture. The best part is that it comes with 7 Crazy Photo Effects, so one can edit any pic within few seconds with this powerful application.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift AnDrawing Android Application

AnDrawing :- AnDrawing (as the name says) is a drawing application for Android. This application is developed by and it is specially for the kids. Drawing is always fun, one can make powerful drawings by using this particular application. It is basically an application similar to MS Paint, the best part is that it comes with multiple modes and cool features, one can save and share his drawings with his friends too.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift Deezer Android Application

Deezer :- Deezer is a music application developed by Deezer Mobile. One can listen to more than 30 radios, i.e. one can access unlimited music with this powerful android application. If the user decides to subscribe to the Deezer Premium +, then he can access 7 million tracks and a lot more.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift Mario Soundboard Android Application

Mario Soundboard :- Mario is one of the most famous game all around the world, it has been a favorite game of almost all of us. Mario Soundboard is an android application developed by Unstable Apps. With this application, one can listen to the Mario sounds and music and can use them as ringtones as well.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift MagicMarker Android Application

MagicMarker :- MagicMarker is a paint like application, with this application the user can paint in Neon Style on a black blackground. This application is developed by Jaytronix.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift Shuffle Tone Android Application

ShuffleTone:- Everyone gets bored listening to the same ringtone everytime. This multimedia application is developed to entertain you by greeting with different ringtones. One can shuffle playlists of ringtones for both calls and text messages. This great android application is developed by Diz (WARE).


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift FxCamera Android Application

FxCamera :- Fx Camera is a cool camera application for android os, this application is developed by ymst. FxCamera enables the user to click pictures with addition effects. It is one of the top 10 free multimedia applications that an android user must have.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift YoutubeDownloader VideoBox

YoutubeDownloader – Video Box :- This is a Youtube Video Downloading application for android os. This application takes the #3 spot in the top 10 multimedia apps list. Most of you must be addicted to youtube like me. I have always been a very big fan of youtube. Well, this application makes our work easier, if you like a video, then there is no need to open youtube again and again, just download that youtube video and watch it offline. A big thanx to LiveMixing for developing such a wonderful application for android users.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift Retro Camera

Retro Camera :- Retro Camera is yet another powerful camera application. Give a new makeover to your pictures with this must have android application. This application has got the potential to give an entirely new look to your pictures. This camera application is devloped by Urbian, Inc.


top latest cool new technology gadgets gift Mobile Android Application Mobile:- Do I need to say why this application grabs the #1 spot in this list? Well Photoshop has always been my favorite picture editing software, whenever I have to edit a picture, no other software comes to mind. From simple to complex, photoshop does it all. This application is surely going to be one of the most used android application. This application is developed by Adobe Systems and is offered for free, what else do you want.. eh?

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