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Inexpensive earphones are a dime a dozen in the market. However, cheap earphones that offer great sound quality and decent construction are quite rare; there are only a few brands that have found a great balance with great price and quality. In reality, there are only a few people who would actually want to spend more than $20 on a pair of earphones.

Thank god for the MeElectronices M9 sound-isolating earphones that offers great sound quality at an affordable price. This earphone set sells at $19.99 in online stores and although this pair of earphones may not offer the best sound quality, its design, extras and passable audio quality makes it a steal at below $20.

The MeElectronics M9 earphones are simple yet impressive; they come in black or silver. These two basic colors that can match almost any kind of mobile gadget you intend to use it with. Overall, the earphones look great; they have a slight shine to them making them look like another piece of accessory. However, there some users may find that the apertures are a bit larger and they may cause a bit of unease for some. From my experience, it took me around an hour before I felt any kind of discomfort.

One of great things about the MeElectronics M9 Sound is that it offers a snug fit in the ear. It achieves is through the silicone tips (four are found in each set. three standard sizes and one double-flanged model are included). Another good thing about this pair is the flexibility of the earphone cords and their thickness. Earphones that have a thick at the same time flexible cord tend to last longer than other kinds of cords; this is a unique in earphones in this price range. The earphones are also equipped with a slider in the Y junction that will help prevent tangles in the cord; which will help the earphones last for a very long time. It also has reinforced connections at the earpieces and the angled, gold-plated plugs making them much more durable.

Those who end up buying the MeElectronics M9 sound earphones will be pleasantly surprised. Each set of earphones comes with handy extras that you can use. Aside from the 4 silicone tips, each set also includes a cable wrap, shirt clip, and an airplane adapter. Plus, you get a nice carrying case with an internal pocket.

For a little under $20, the MeElectronics M9 sound earphones will definitely make you forget about the stock earphones that come with your mp3 player. Although it’s not a vast improvement, the M9s provides impressive sound for a very low price. There will be times when the bass would disappoint, but overall, the bass is pretty solid.

The mid sounds are smooth, just right. If you like to listen to classical music, then you might consider other more expensive brands than this brand. All in all, the MeElectronics M9 sound earphones are a great buy.

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