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Apple iPad is one of the best selling products of the year 2010. Soon, after its launch, the Apple iPad got 2 million sales. The time when the iPad was released, netbooks had a great fall in their sales. The impact of the fall can be noticed today as well. Most of the geeks are giving first preference to an iPad, and netbooks are no longer there in their list.

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There are a lot of reasons which make people think that an iPad is better than a netbook. I have recently conducted a survey on the topic “Why people like iPad more than a Netbook”. The top 5 reasons why geeks prefer iPad over netbooks are mentioned below –

5. Portability and Flexibility –

Most of the people find iPad more portable as compared to a netbook. There are times when people don’t get time to sit and they are overloaded with work, sometimes they have to access the internet when they are standing. The iPad can be used to quickly access the internet, one can hold an iPad in one hand and he can just use the other hand to surf. This thing isn’t possible when it comes to a netbook.

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4. Applications –

Being an Apple product, one can expect a lot of stuff from the iTunes. The iTunes is growing everyday and a lot of applications are added on daily basis. One can download and install applications in his iPad easily.

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3. Accessories –

One can easily find a lot of Accessories for the Apple iPad. So, one can easily modify his iPad and with the help of accessories, one can also turn his iPad into a notebook.

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2. Price and Promotion –

According to the recent survey which I conducted, a lot of people mentioned that the Apple iPad is worth the money. Some of the people are impressed by the marketing strategies of the iPad. People also like the ‘what is iPad‘ advertisement.

1. iOS (Operating System) –

iPad runs on the iOS platform. A lot of people like the iOS platform, this operating system is user friendly and it just take a minute to steal your heart away. People are a fan of the multi-touch gestures and they love the iPad for that.

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