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latest new best cool gadgets mobile cell phone I first encountered the ZOMM at CES last January, and I finally managed to get my hands on one for review.

In case you haven’t heard, the ZOMM is designed to link to one’s phone or mobile device wirelessly via Bluetooth, and emit a high pitched noise if the ZOMM and device get too far apart. I believe that you are meant to keep the ZOMM in your pocket (perhaps with your keys), so if you leave your cell phone where you shouldn’t (like on a table of a restaurant), the ZOMM will alert you.

Out of the box set up was pretty simple, and the device needed to be charged for about 4 hours and then have mobile software loaded to it. My wife did that part, and she seemed to notice that it looked like ZOMM had very few subscribers. I’m just quoting my wife, and she could be wrong.

When the ZOMM was turned on, I was able to walk across the room and hear a faint beep. When I walked outside the house, the beeping became a loud blaring. Since it was night, I thought I was going to wake the neighbors. How can something so small be so loud?

All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone who has left their phone behind before. Of course, if you can occasionally leave your mobile phone behind, then you might not remember charging the ZOMM when needed.

Here’s something that you might not know. The ZOMM was invented by a Mom. That isn’t some Dr. Seuss rhyme scheme going on there, but ZOMM is an acronym for Zachary, Olivia, and Madison’s Mom. Apparently, “it is a brainchild of a mom who noticed a common problem among all mobile phone users and provided a solution”. It definitely lives up to its slogan of “alarmingly smart”.

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