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Have you heard about a new application called the X-Ray FX PRO? If not, you might probably wonder what kind of application it is. Apparently, the X-Ray FX Pro is a new application from Apple that is compatible to work not only with your iPhone and iPod Touch, but also for the iPad as well. This is a kind of application built within the idea of fooling your friends and makes them believe that you can actually X-Ray them.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets x ray iphone app X Ray FX Lite / Pro Review: Download and Price Updates

This application works by displaying an image of a certain body part as you move around and scan the body of the person you intend to X-Ray by tilting your device. And looking at these images will certainly give an impression that it is very realistic. However, in order to get the most out if this application you must really keep on practicing how to do it the proper way.

The X-Ray FX Pro also comes with an option’s menu that allows you to customize the scanned images and control sensitivity as well. However, this application can only take the images of your hand. If you want to X-Ray other parts of the body you may get the full version of this application for only $ 0.99 in order to allow you to scan other parts of the body as well like the skull, chest, both hands, pelvis, knees and feet.

This application also comes with a high quality audio in order to complement the imagery and also features a cool “blur in” countdown feature that enables you to position your device at the interactive skeletons from its reference point. As mentioned, this X-Ray application comes in two editions, the Free Lite edition and the PRO version.

Basically the Free Lite edition comes with the following features:

Capability to X-Ray your left hand from fingertips below
Wedding Ring, a new left hand X-Ray option that adds to the realism
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On the other hand, the Pro version comes with these features:

Comes with the ability to X-Ray additional body parts
Comes with creepy foreign objects like brain bullet, lung nail, etc.
No Admob advertising

Well, it looks like this application is very fun to use. So try this application now and see for yourself how your friends and relatives would react. Check out the video clip below to see this app in action.

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