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If you’re thinking of the day, when will the reign of iPhone supremacy come to an end? Then I think this gadget release will surely perk that “hopes” within you.

It’s said that, a new release of Droid phone will be unveiled to the public on the 4th quarter of this year (2009) and rumored has it that it will carry all the features you wish you have on your iPhone. The new Motorolla Droid is putting some mockery towards iPhone.

On their DroidDoes advertisement, it seems being sarcastic sometimes is hilarious to watch.

Please see the video here: The sarcastic video of DroidDoes to iPhone.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets keyboard thumb Will Motorolla Droid Phone kill iPhone?cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets idont thumb Will Motorolla Droid Phone kill iPhone?

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets simultaneous thumb Will Motorolla Droid Phone kill iPhone?

If you don’t have any idea what an Android Phone really is. Then please check this link from wiki.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets android logoTo summarize wiki’s dreary story:

Google had released an Operating System for mobiles last 2 years (2007); The Android OS, is said to have all the juicy features of some of the leading mobile-OS distributors (e.g, iPhone OSX, symbian etc) with an extra-added sauce coming from BIG G of course!

The said OS has been supported by the Open Handest Alliance: An organization that’s composed of some of the best companies on this planet (HTC, Intel, LG, Motorola, Sony ericsson, Garmin, Nvidia etc.)

According to Google, by the end of 2009 there will be at least 18 phone models using Android worldwide.

I guess we can’t blame these companies on switching their OS’s to Android.

One of the biggest advantages of Android 2.0 is that it’s open-source; meaning their updates don’t come only from Google but to a vast majority of programmers/hackers. So its growth is exponentially increasing.

Okay enough of the history, here are the specs of the New Motorolla Droid Gadget:

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets droid 1

3.7 inch screen-display
854×480 WVGA capacitive screen
5 megapixel camera
ARM Cortex 500MHz CPU
Facial recognition using the built-in camera (apparently you take a photo of someone and Google will pull in search results based on the image)
Custom Motorola Interface/UI, no MOTOBLUR, no Verizon UI
Available in black and titanium colors
Speech recognition (your wish is my speech’s command)
10,000 available rumored applications.
All the apps you love from Google (Google maps,  Latitude, Google talk and a rumored release of Google wave too?)
Will run on the latest android OS. The Android 2.0
Can do multi-tasking (watch video, load your browser, open your music player at the same time? No problemo)
Offers built-in Adobe Flash support natively
All Open-Source!
Filled with 16GB of content on-board or insert a memory card for up to 32GB.

Availability: 12/1/2009 in North America, exclusively on Verizon Wireless.

Though it seems the public-release will be coming sooner (October 30, 2009) from DroidDoes.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets droid thumb Will Motorolla Droid Phone kill iPhone?

Some disadvantages of the new beast?

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets droid 2

– Where the heck is the qwerty keyboard? Will it be built in the form-factor ? As an external peripheral perhaps? or invisible? :D Anyway, it seems the story for that one is not yet fully disclosed by the DroidDoes team.

– Battery-Life? We all know that iphone eats a lot of battery during its flight-mode (wifi usage) Use it for 4-5 hours and say bye bye to your fully charge iphone. I wonder what is the threshold of the new Droid?

– A little bit redesign please: With all the transformer-like text and advertisement droid does on promoting its gadget to the public. Users may be dismayed when they finally see the the average-looking design of the new handset. A little sleek should do the trick I guess.

– Don’t tell me that “The Beast” will only be released on Verizon Wireless carriers? Be generous guys! :D


Clearly, Mr. Jobs..err, I mean the Apple team should be looking at this release. There’s no doubt that this droid ditched the disadvantages of iphone.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets steve jobs

Apple clearly knocked-out its competitors during the past two years; but it doesn’t mean that it will continue forever. As you may have known, Google and Apple had some “bitter-sweet” issues to share this year 2009. Remember, Apple did not accept Google voice app and Google Latitude; Fearing that it will jeopardize phone/ipod touch’s native applications.

We believe, if Apple will only try to loosen their belt a little bit and open their sources to the public (more carriers aside from AT&T, alternative to itunes, external modification etc) Public will still find them delicious to eat :D

Its like when 2010 arrives. It will be 3 years from that day since Apple are reaping the cash-cow out from people. Don’t you think its time for the company to remove that “chip” away on their shoulders? and embrace external-companies?

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets hug thumb Will Motorolla Droid Phone kill iPhone?

We still don’t know what will be the reaction of people when the DroidDoes gadget unfolds to the market. But, whatever the case maybe. The match-up of the two gadgets should be very “interesting” to watch!

So what do you think, Will Droid Phone kill iPhone or what?

Updates (October 19, 2009): Recently BoyGadget released a picture of the Motorolla Droid with its sliding keyboard. Now, we aren’t quite sure if that looks bulky to you but some iphone lovers thought it looks like a “sliding-calculator”. Big or Not, its yours for the taking…

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets Motorolla Droid Keyboard


Motorola has released the complete specification sheet of their new Motorola Droid phone at their U.S. Website. Unfortunately, it was only posted for a limited amount of time and it is nowhere to be found. Some tech bloggers managed to get screen shots, good for us! See it all at “Motorola Droid specs revealed in Motorola site temporarily” plus photo galleries.

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