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ViewSonic will be invading the Smartphone scene too?

You may have seen a lot of ViewSonic products such as LCD monitors and Televison plus portable DVD’s and projectors. Basically ViewSonic does digital devices and they do it quite well and affordable too. You may say your not familiar with the said brand but ViewSonic has been around for quite awhile giving consumers quality entertainment/digital and computing peripherals. You may want to visit ViewSonic’s website so you can appreciate their craft.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets viewsonic vpc08

Moving on let’s talk about the main entry of my story. ViewSonic took the risk of getting themselves thrown in the market of Smartphones (knowing Blackberry, HTC ,iPhone etc. has been ruling this market for the longest time now), and though this is one huge step they still took the chance to be known in the said field. The question is will they even get noticed?

As years pass by the need for a better device for communication has been in demand. The more handy and lighter the better but I guess ViewSonic has not been well informed about this that is why they came out with a beasty phone that looks like a brick (well it can be a dual purpose device, if somebody mobs you, just slam this device to the guys head and run!But that would be costly) good enough to get all the attention and may even make people think if you have a gadget or a deadly weapon ready to smack anyone.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets viewsonic vpc08

Let’s all welcome VPC08 from ViewSonic (I’m just not sure if this is their 1st smartphone ever but when I checked their website they have no phone is the catalogue, so maybe this is the 1st) the looks can be a little bit bothering since it’s quite a handful plus the design doesn’t look too appealing to me.

The phone itself looks like two bricks that was put together by a binder (see the silver bind between the keypad and screen?) not to mention the keyboard adds up to the not so attractive package. I’m now wondering if this device gives justice to the $750 price tag ViewSonic has given (my answer is a NO!).

This phone will be released in China and maybe it will stay there forever (maybe ViewSonic predicted that this won’t be such a hit in US or any other country). So much for all the facts I have said here’s the techie specifications of VPC08

Intel Atom Z500 800MHZ processor
MTK 6235 chipset (for the phone system)
4.3-inch 800×480 main display
Windows XP OS
2-inch 240×320 display for the call display
2-megalpixel camera
WAPI ( Wi-Fi compatible)
supports CDMA2000 & EVDO 3G

*My say is the looks of it seems like it’s been inspired by a Nokia Communicator (which I would say is not a wise move), now you can tell me if the price serves this device right..

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