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If you have been following this drollery skit between two companies having a bout on who’s the reigning champ for 3G coverage, then you probably notice how AT&T got dissed by the ever-dominating Verizon “gang”, starting from the aggressive ads featured and now AT&T got even poked even on the court. Yes our dear readers, Verizon has a big advantage over AT&T – A vantage point that AT&T had finally noticed all this times. (Maybe) A reason for them to wave white-flags and agree to stop suing Red V.

Boys from engadget had done a little diddling and voila! A rare-find was found. What was it? Well, it turns out that AT&T and Verizon already had this lawsuit-bout last July for claiming the title for “America’s Most Reliable 3G Network” , “America’s Best 3G Network” and “America’s Most Reliable Wireless Network” and it turns out that Verizon was the undisputable winner for this lawsuit charges. (click to enlarge)

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Interesting enough, this revelation could spell the end of all AT&T’s bragging that they are World’s No.1 3G network etc, today. If you will put your feet on the shoes of AT&T,  one can see that it’s pointless to still wage a lawsuit charge over an adversary (Verizon) if a prior decision has already been done and you are the biggest loser!

Now, I’m not proclaiming that’s the only reason why AT&T finally decided to stop  the charges against V, there could be a lot of other factors involve which won’t be release to public.

For an icebreaker here’s the latest ads of Verizon this week to poke AT&T (This was before the peace-treaty today) Just to reminisce the AT&T – Verizon Wars.

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