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On Valentine’s day, February 14th, in Barcelona during the Mobile World Congress, Samsung is said to unveil its latest Samsung Bada Phone.

What consumers have to expect from this latest cellular phone model from Samsung Electronics, the giant Korean leader in manufacturing electronic and technological gadgets, are its two main features..The Samsung Bada operating system and the Super AMOLED screen.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets samsung bada phone

‘Bada’ is a term the means ‘ocean’ in Korean. And the purpose of the Bada OS, according to its developer, is to be able to cater to more consumers the experience of using a smartphone (which by now still remains considerably exclusive to small number of users). The Samsung Bada is said to encompass a futuristic user interface framework with the elements of sets and designs which will smoothen other applications.

Bada has four distinct layers, namely kernel, device, service and framework layers. All these layers account for the Samsung Bada OS to be a complete smartphone platform that makes the hand held device efficiently operate with high-performance native applications and services. Depending on the hardware configuration, the bada’s kernel layer may either be a real-time OS or that of Linux. Samsung Bada accounts for a design that supports features that are essential in social-networking, device synchronization, content management, location-based services, and commerce services.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets samsung bada phone

Previously, Samsung has also launched its integrated AMOLED touchscreen, now with the upcoming introduction of the Samsung Bada Phone, they have made this feature even better. The Bada phone is said to be featured as the first Samsung phone with super AMOLED display with 3.3 inches and 800 by 480 dimensions. This super AMOLED is said to be more than just a touchscreen attached to the surface. The screen will be roughly five times clearer than other regular OLEDs and can be used outdoors with 20 percent more visibility in natural day light, overcoming the weak spot of the current AMOLED.

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