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If two giant companies of quite different trades were to unite in producing a particular products, certainly the consumers will be anticipating a one of a kind yield. This applies in the case of the Puma Phone.

Puma, or PUMA AG Rudolf Dassler Sport is a known line of sports apparel. It is a German multinational company which manufactures sophisticated and expensive athletic shoes, footwear and other sportswear; and whose 65 percent of stocks is held and owned by PPR (a French worldwide holding company specialized in retail shops and luxury brand items.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets puma thumb Puma Phone: Sports Mobile Phone Gadget | Specs Review

SAGEM, whose French name translated to English is the Company of General Applications of Electricity and Mechanic, is one foremost French company that placed second among all the French telecommunication equipment providers. This is the same company that made the Porsche-branded phones.

It was in October 2009 when Puma announced that work is underway regarding its branded mobile phone in collaboration with Sagem. And just recently, a teaser site was set up for the Puma Phone. This teaser site is effectively fulfilling its purpose to arouse the consumer’s curiosity since there are not much per se specifications or features of the phone that are included in the online page.

The teaser site, however has a countdown where it says that the phone’s official introduction will be only a few days more which incidentally coincides with Mobile world Congress date in Barcelona. Other speculated features about the Puma Phone as gathered from the probable codes in the teaser sites are :

the Puma Phone’s design is intended for sport-minded people, since it’s from Puma
the phone is solar-powered
the hand set is GPS ready
has Video Chat capabilities
has bike/tracking applications, together with pedometer (or step counter), built-in stopwatch, music turntable
has applications for ports news, instant messaging and other applications that will grant access to PUMA.

Here are some video clips related to Puma mobile phone gadget.

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