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We will have something to envy China this 2010 (or maybe this last quarter of 2009) for they will be the first to experience the sensational smartphone from Motorola. What’s more these phones are powered by Android 2.1! Yes, I said these because not only MOTO XT701 will be turning Chinese but also XT800 and MT710.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets xt701 thumb MOTO XT701 is turning Chinese with XT800 and MT710! | Specs Review

This is Motorola XT701 (the craze hitting China soon!)

There is no definite date when this gizmo will be invading, but I have a few info of what to expect from this smartphone.

Running 2.1 from Android with applications from Google
Quad Core processor of Cortex A8
A 3.7 inch screen with more colors from a 480×854 resolution
5 megapixel camera (or maybe 8) with auto-focus and flash from Xenon
Sensors like G-Sensor, Infrared proximity and Ambient Light
32 gigabyte SD slot
FM radio & stereo
Wi-Fi & WLAN
3G Support
3.5 headphone jack
EDR powered  Bluetooth 2.1

The 1st time I laid my eyes on this gadget I told myself that it’s pretty good looking (but I have to admit that i prefer the elegant look of MT710). XT701 will be available to Chinese consumers via China Unicom.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets XT701 photos

As you can see this phone has a unique shape, so unique that I guess this is the first ever phone to sport this kind of frame. The camera resolution is 5 Mega pixel but as you can see on the picture above that it has a 8.0 on the back which is pretty near the camera. (I am actually thinking if that number stands for 8.0 megapixel) If that figure is for the camera, that’s definitely good news right? If you have been updating yourself lately with different smartphones, most of them has 3.2 megapixel cam to flaunt, so if the 8 megapixel is true this would be the 1st Android phone to have the highest picture resolution. See video demo below to see XT701 phone in action!

Along with XT701 is its siblings MT710 and XT800, China Mobile will be the one to introduce (will be the carrier) of MT710, it has been said that it will be introduced as OPhone. The XT800 on the other hand will have GSM dual mode plus EV-DO from China Telecom. My favorite which is pretty obvious is the MT710, simply because of its sexy appeal to me.

MT710 – My favorite among the three                   XT800 – doesn’t look too appealing to me

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets MT710 XT800

So watch out China these gadgets will soon invade your country, I guess that’s something to rave about!

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