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Indeed, many new and amazing gadgets were shown during the Computex 2010 event. Apple, Asus, and many others had graced the event with their new innovations that surely caught the eyes of many. And of course, Microsoft Company wouldn’t miss such opportunity that they also demoed their new tablet creation. Microsoft came at the event with a prototype ARM-based tablet running Windows Embedded Compact 7 tagged as Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 Tablet. The said tablet looks more or less like a Windows Phone 7.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets Win tablet Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 Tablet | Review

The tablet is integrated with the new operating system that is being promoted by the company known as the Windows Embedded Compact 7.  The new OS is equipped with a multi touch interface that supports panning and pinch to zoom. It will also run the full desktop browser experience, Flash, Silverlight and others. The OS is intended for devices that doesn’t fit well to the full fledged Windows 7 and for devices that can be categorized somewhere between a smartphone and a desktop computer. Although it will not be running regular Windows applications the company promised that it will be having a streamlined develop experience.

The new tablet really looks awesome and handsome with its 8.9 inch display. It is being powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2, Flash 10.1 and is multi touch within the browser. Its Windows Embedded also comes with an impressive Silverlight based user interface created using Expression Blend. Its web browser and video player are all polished and its user interface features Windows Phone 7 like icons as well as social network integration. It also includes customized version of Internet Explorer with full multi touch, support for Open GLES 2.2 and support for the latest ARM v7. Other technical specifications for the said tablet aren’t too important.

The tablet really ought to be an amazing device but sadly users will never take hold of it for it will never come to the market. Yes, the device was created just for the purpose of showing off the capabilities of the new CE platform. The company believes that the original equipment manufacturers should create their own interfaces with their embedded operating system for their own tablets, netbooks or other devices. So it remains on the hand of these OEM’s to create such devices for the users to have the Windows Embedded Compact 7 experience.

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