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Some things are just not meant to come together, but it seems that some people are really looking for ways to match up things. Apple iPad is a device that is intended to work just by mere touch or using your fingers, it had never been intended to work just like an ordinary desktop; having keyboards and mouse. But yes, with those hardware some works will be a lot easier.

Maybe the reason why Taimor Asad, the maker of the now famous instructional video posted at Redmond Pie had discovered that an Apple iPad can work compatibly with a BTstack Mouse or on other Bluetooth mouse.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets 11 Magic Mouse: How To Use Mouse on iPad?

A BTstack Mouse is a free utility device initially developed by Apple for their iPhones. It is seen to aid users to work easily on their iPhone since really with a pointing device it is more convenient and painless. The BTStack Mouse is also called the Apple Magic Mouse, it’s just amazing to discover that it doesn’t only work with the iPhones but also with the iPads. Yes, a really interesting discovery, but just like everything else it doesn’t come for free, you need to trade this with another thing. To be able to make a Bluetooth mouse function in your iPad you first need to jailbreak it. Bluetooth mouse will just work on jail broken iPads.

So, what’s with jail breaking the iPad? Jail breaking can be considered an illegal act since it tries to use hardware or programs on your iPad or iPhones that are not authorized by Apple. It may be a lot easier to get new programs for your gadgets or even a lot cheaper but with Jail breaking you don’t have any assurance that it really suits your device.  Once your iPad is jail broken you can now use the Magic Mouse and this can be done by installing the BTstack Mouse app from Cydia.

So for those who are still interested in trying this new discovery, here’s the instruction from a video posted in Redmond Pie courtesy of Taimur Asad.

    First, you should make sure that you have your iPad jail broken.
    Second, Install the BTstack Mouse application found in Cydia
    Third, Run the application, just let the app detect eh Bluetooth-capable mouse. After that, just connect the mouse and it should already started to function.

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