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A new decade is fast-approaching – Six days from now and the world that we know will have its yet another phase in the course of history, hopefully towards the ‘brighter side’, ideally speaking that’s all what we want, don’t we? Thus, tech enthusiasts are already getting too delirious with what the industry has stored for them (same for the non techsavvy citizens too) Off the record, you can shout the company that you think will start the year with a new gizmo – Did I hear you say the big A as in Apple? Well if that’s the case then your tech oriented intuitions are correct for Steve Jobs favorite ‘fruit’ will release a gadget on January 26, 2010.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets apple tablet picture

This is not another jesus phone (as TC calls it), i mean iphone. Not a new iPod twin type (disappointingly) also this not about contacting an extra terrestrial being from. … bahh, this about a Tablet! Yep, A  t-a-b-l-e-t guys. Could somebody call the clowns now, please? I can feel our readers are starting to get bored.

So how special is this tablet anyway? Here are some of the prev from BGR and Brainstormtech:

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets apple tablet pic1

The size of this ‘very soon’ tablet will be 7-inch (100% sure) Although there will be a 10incher follow-up rumored to be release on spring.

The concept of this tablet sounds mediocre: Try to think about the iPhone make it 7-inch and voila we got the new apple tablet.

A tablet with a multi-touch feature: It may sound new to the tablet industry, but for the users? Of course this is expected. It wouldn’t be the image and likeness of the iPhone without a multitouch feat, wouldn’t it? The funny thing though is how appleinsider manage to salvage this comment:cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets apple tablet

One current senior employee at Apple would only say that Jobs is “extremely happy with the new tablet.” Someone else who recently left Apple reportedly said that users will be “surprised how you interact with the new tablet.”

In my opinion, I think users will be extremely happy if they saw the new tablet with ‘minority report like interface’ infused with it.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets minority report

And that’s why there’s a buzz that Apple had recently filed for two patents namely, Keystroke Tactility Arrangement on a Smooth Touch Surface: Ability of the system to detect the type of interaction you are playing with it. and Multipoint Touch Surface Controller: A more advance system for detecting multi points on a touch screen. Get all the geeky details @appleinsider

Did I say it will be unveiled on the 26th of January, 2010?

Now TC is cooking some theories again about the nameless Tablet, they have a strong belief that this one will be named as iSlate. Snap! okay first and foremost, if you’ll say that it sounds turd then worry not, there’s a lot of people who are with the same boat as you are. But for what it’s worth, the term ‘slate’ has been used in the Tablet industry. Which simply refers to as a tablet pc sans the keyboard and utilizes stylus/fingertips for the interaction.

Now for the theory about the iSlate, here’s an excerpt from Techcrunch:

Apple has acquired the domain name back in 2007.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets islate thumb iSlate is the new Apple Tablet? See the leaked Specs

Mr Robin of TC manages to play some tech-detective game of who’s the owner, tracing some link of the islate domain to the impending release of the new tablet today. Is it a coincidence? Well, iSay we just wait for 4 weeks to find out, it isn’t that long, is it?

Here’s a salvaged video to give you guys some enlightenment on how the theory all began:


As expected, buzz is swarming around the techworld again, it wouldn’t be an Apple release without an excessive humm, wouldn’t it? All we hope is that this Tablet a.k.a iSlate // unknown, will set a new standards for the tablet industry. If this will be just an ordinary tablet, then pardon us, but it wouldn’t be flocked by the majority especially when there are several high-end tablets that’s being furnaced with an average cost.

I have a feeling that the cost of this Apple Tablet will not be mediocre too and expect that there will be added strings attach which will only be disclosed until the day of the release. Apple loves to do that un-intentionally.

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