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During the days of the iPad saga, it seems the whole world is glued to the day of its final reckoning, not to mention the hundred of debacles that unfolds around this device. While it appears that the iPad is having much of the limelight here, season changes, thus the question is now bounced back to Apple’s ‘jesus device’, asking “When will the iPhone 4G arrive?”.

While we are just sitting here compiling all the rumor-mills for the 4th Gen iPhone, it’s fascinating to see how Apple mastered the technique of building hype over its iDevices. Witnessing another major unveiling event from the Cupertino-based company is something really interesting to watch, it’s like De Ja Vu all over again…

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets iphone 4g fan made

The theme here is: We’ll give you 10 rumor-mills to spill, but less than half of it, are for real. So deal with it, will you?

Let’s start with the specs…

It may be too ambitious to think that the new iPhone will have a 360 degree shift over its specs, to think that the features of the 3GS iPhone is a bit rusty now compare to the superphones from Android. But here are the plausible scenarios for the specification of the new iPhone.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets iphone 4g specs

Judging from the picture, it’s very likely that the 5 megapixel augmentation, improve processor, and increase in the storage capacity, are the prime-rollers for the new features.


It appears iPhone’s multitasking capability is bringing another hodgepodge of gossips to the table. According to this source: “The new iPhone will be using an Expose-like interface to let you switch between apps” It’s more likely a one tap-feature then this big array of multi-tasking windows will appear and you can choose which task you want to continue, kill, or shift your current work with.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets iphone multitasking

I know this not the multitasking we have in our mind, but I’m sure someone got a little excited with this sneak-peak.

iPhone HD…

Also, rumors suggest that iPhone 4G will almost double its screen resolution to “960 x 640”. Later to be released as “iPhone HD”. A video convinces the people that the new device will be physically larger and a bit thinner than the 3GS iPhone.

Will or Will not the iPhone 4G be open to Verizon Carrier?

Yeah right, the million dollar question. As much as we want to give you a simple yes or no answer for this question, We can’t. In fact, nobody knows except for Steve Jobs. But here’s the rumor mill for this Verizon iPhone Myth.

From BST

“Our best guess is AT&T retains exclusivity on the iPhone through 2010, with a VZW launch either in early or late 2011 depending on whether they choose to wait for LTE or launch a CDMA only version.”

From HP

Other sources suggest that two iPhone 4G will be released: One is the ‘normal’ 4G and the other is the iPhone HD, the former will be unveiled this year and the latter will be released later on 2011.


One thing is for sure here: The Verizon iPhone will certainly be released, it’s not the question of How, but rather, the question of When. I’m sure you’ve heard that epic, “I’ll throw my iPhone because I hate AT&T” story or its other version, but the one thing that’s obvious with all these hype is, shifting from another carrier is not as easy as other’s may think it is.

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