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Apple’s iPhone 4 is basically a revolutionary phone that features a lot of things that no smartphones have ever featured before. No wonder it has become one the most sought after phone in the market today. But as we all know, this high-end smartphone also encountered several problems and customer complaints before when it was first released in the market.

The iPhone 4 has faced issues on discoloration and the main one being the reception issue. This is the time when many users have been complaining that the iPhone has been dropping calls because of poor signal. Apple solved this problem by giving out free cases and apparently these cases will help fix the reception problem of the said phone. But just recently, Apple seems to face another issue with its iPhone 4 devices and this time it has something to do with the glass back panel of the phone.

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Apparently, there were some users complaining that the glass back panel of their iPhone unit has been damaged by a number of cases available for the phone. There were even some reported incidents that the glass has been scratched or in several cases these glass part got even cracked and shattered.

Knowing these complaints, Apple assured its customers that they are paying close attention to the issue being raised against the iPhone 4 and are trying to look for ways to resolve this issue as much as they can. They are also looking for different cases in order to test these claims against the iPhone 4.

According to some reports, the iPhone engineering team has identified a potential design flaw that seems to cause some serious problems. Apparently, Apple has found out that non-bumper style cases can cause unexpected scratching that has a big tendency to develop into a more serious problem for the phone’s glass back. The iPhone 4’s glass back is certainly a gorgeous design, but now that an issue is being raised about it makes us wonder if this is really a smart move on Apple’s part.

So how will Apple address this issue? Are they going to come out with better cases for the iPhone? Well, Apple’s initial action made was to remove all third party slide-on cases from its entire store to help lessen the number of iPhone 4 devices affected. But in the long run Apple might be coming out with an entirely different design for the next iPhone to avoid these issues.

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