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The iPhone 4 has been the most sought after mobile device upon its launch just recently. And I guess it is normal for newly released product to encounter some problems upon its launch and Apple’s iPhone 4 is not an exception.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets iphone 4 case 3 iPhone 4 Case for your iPhone 4 problems: From Ivyskin

Problems regarding the poor reception of iPhone 4 have been increasing as complained by the first few consumers who availed of the iPhone 4 and this left them unhappy with the product. Apparently, the iPhone 4 users have been experiencing poor reception, dropped calls and even totally no reception at all.

It appears that the reason behind these issues is the stainless steel band surrounding the exterior of the phone. This stainless steel band functions as the phones antenna to increase its reception but in reality it seems that it’s doing the exact opposite.

Considering this problem on hand, the people from the Element Case and IvySkin came out with their first iPhone 4 cases called the Vapor case and the iPhone 4 Reception case respectively. Both of these cases are believed to address the poor reception issue of the iPhone 4. It aims to improve its signal radically.

The Vapor case is made from and aircraft –grade CNC’d aluminum frame and lined with a shock absorbent material. It comes at a very affordable price of $79.95 and will be initially available in black and black/pink colors. It will come out with more colors in the future.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets iphone 4 case 2 iPhone 4 Case for your iPhone 4 problems: From Ivyskin

On the other hand, IvySkin’s iPhone 4 Reception case is made of polycarbonate shell and believed to be the “world’s most thinnest polycarbonate shell” as of present. It will be offered at a far more affordable price of $14.99 and comes with both front and back rear shield protectors to prevent scratches.

Despite the poor reception issues being raised against Apple’s iPhone 4, definitely the device is a great one and more people will be more interested with its amazing features. It is still believed that the iPhone 4 is the best iPhone to date so a lot of people will surely be enamored by it. But if you found trouble upon using this iPhone 4 all you have to do is check out the available casings for the iPhone 4.

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