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A new bootrom exploit to jailbreak all iOS devices running the latest iOS 4.1 has been discovered. Apparently, the iPhone hackers behind the 24kpwn exploit, the pod2g of the Chronic Dev Team is working on another bootrom exploit which will definitely allow its users to jailbreak their iOS 4.1 devices. This new jailbreak comes differently as it targets the low level part of the OS of the device rather than the software part.

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Since this jailbreak exploit targets the low-level part of the OS of these devices, it is expected that Apple will find it extremely difficult to disable it using a software update. This is what Apple usually does when hackers find new exploit; to come up with an iOS update. Apple seems to face another challenge this time with the discovery of this new exploit as they may be forced to come up with a revised version of their iOS 4.1 devices with a new bootrom in order to patch this new bootrom exploit.

This iOS 4.1 exploit promises to jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch as well as other Apple devices running the old bootrom versions. The pod2g has conducted some tests using this exploit against the final version of the iOS 4.1 and confirmed that it is working.

Jailbreaking is proven to be legal, in fact it was declared by the US government recently as a lawful act despite Apple’s petition. On the downside, jailbreaking will void the warranty of your device. However, a lot of users still turns to jailbreaking in order to install cool programs, unlocked the handset for use with other mobile networks and as well as add other third-party applications to these iDevices more freely.

The iPhone Dev Team has been a consistent hacker that always come up with the latest jailbreak or exploit that can work well with the last Apple iDevice. This group must be really causing a lot of headache to Apple’s officials and engineering team as well. And now that a new exploit is on its way, Apple must be really on the works in order to find out how to block it.

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