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The buzz is getting louder that HTC’s newest smartphone codenamed Supersonic is set to be released in March 2010 and will run on relatively new technology WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) – a new line of the 4G network.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets HTC supersonic

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets HTC supersonic

Regarding specifications, the Supersonic is said to have a Snapdragon processor that runs at 1GHz; it will have a storage capacity of 1GB; it will use the HTC Sense user interface just like HTC’s predecessors; it will have 5 megapixels of a camera that the Nexus One unit has; and it will have a back panel-attached kickstand, just like that of HTC’s Imagio.

There are three general issues that surround this device, though:

1. The Supersonic is a supposed revamped version of the HD2, since the two are physically similar. The differences are: the former will have Android as its operating system unlike the latter that has Windows Mobile; and Supersonic’s 4.3-inch touchscreen will be made of OLED while HD2’s is of LCD. The Supersonic will also have a battery with larger capacity.

2. Some say it’s Sprint, while others say it’s T-Mobile that will house the HTC Supersonic. Initially, Sprint hinted that the HTC A9292 will be the Supersonic and will run on the Android operating system, version 2.1. However, a screenshot that has been circulating lately shows that the device will be available with T-Mobile as well, but the Android firmware will be version 3.0. If the T-Mobile Supersonic screenshot is true, then both providers might be selling the handset.

3. Sprint’s supposedly WiMAX-enabled Supersonic will soon have another fierce competitor in Verizon, as this other telecommunication giant earlier announced the launch of an LTE (Long Term Evolution, 3GPP) handset this year, and AT&T will follow suit in 2011. This one can be considered as an issue because WiMAX and LTE, though both are new in mobile network technology, are already pitted against each other. WiMAX is released first and is already a 4G, but is yet to be deployed on a large scale. On the other hand, LTE is technically a 3G still, but is compatible with most network operators.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets HTC Supersonic

Amidst these intriguing speculations, one thing is certain: when the Supersonic soon hits the stores, would-be users will love to put their hands on a device that has amazingly advanced features as this smartphone does.

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