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HTC HD2 is it really a gadget that raises one’s eye brow? Or is it just another gadget of Windows Mobile to cover up their other lame phones?

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets htc hdII 1 thumb HTC HD2 Review: Specs and Video

Many of you may have read a lot of reviews about this ‘ooh -la-la’ phone from Windows Mobile. Some say it’s WOW of a gadget, some say it’s a phone made to catch the consumer’s attention away from the previous phones that WinMo has launched, which they find lame. I have searched and read a few websites even read thru blogs and comments about HTC HD2. The results? You cannot please everybody. Others find HTC HD2 a hell of a gadget, something powerful and superb! Others just saw flaws and faulty features from this gadget. I saw debates going on, comparison of different smart phones to HTC HD2, and I can say it’s a hell of a fight! I saw that this wonder phone from WinMO has earned loyal fans from the consumer market, nevertheless it has earned critics too. So let me site the features of this WinMo wonder phone and you be the judge! If it suits your taste and needs then maybe you’re already looking at you necessity phone .

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets htc hdII 2 thumb HTC HD2 Review: Specs and Video

HTC HD2 Specifications:

4.3-incher full touch screen
The whole phone measures 4.74-inches up and down by 2.64-inches across
0.43 inch thick
HTC HD2 specs:
a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
auto-focusing 5-megapixel camera with dual LED flash
512MB of ROM, 448MB of RAM,
WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1,
microSD slot (supporting up to 32GB cards),
3.5mm headphone jack, plus an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and light sensor on-board

After going over the external and internal features, let’s move on to it’s performance. According to user’s or to those who were able to use is ( it can be that they have tested it somewhere or borrowed it from a friend who owns one or basically they bought one) they’re claiming that it’s sleek but bulky. It’s navigation speed is pretty fast so you can send messages in right away switching from one menu or task to another is hassle-free. But of course if there are pro’s for this smart phone there’s also con’s.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets htc hd2 6 thumb HTC HD2 Review: Specs and Video

Other people say the cameras performance is pretty much not what they expect it to be. (Hello? It’s 5 mega-pixel with flash it should take pictures pretty darn good, right? But I guess it doesn’t) The phone tends to hang in some rare occasion, but seriously even desktop freeze at some point right? So basically all phones are different some may suit your taste and preference some may not! Other smart phones may fit your friends and they may like it a lot but basically it sucks for you. You know why? Simple! We have the so called preference. So if you want something that suits your taste, needs and budget I highly suggest that you check the sites for comparison and details. But as a consumer like yourself reading this, try checking mobile retail shops and try to check the phone (I believe there’s a sample phone for you to see and touch) so you can hold it, feel it and sense whether the phone that you have been dreaming about is the phone right for you. That will definitely end your what if’s on what phone to buy. I recommend that you check out HTC HD2 in stores near you and see your eyes sparkle with glee and see what a smart guy you would be if you buy this gadget for yourself. But then again it’s up to you to decide and up to us to give you details on the newest gadgets available.

Here’s a video-clip to at least keep your eyes away from the dark.

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