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HTC has been launching ear catching phones lately, and this time they really named this new gadget a powerful one! The thing there is; Is the name as powerful as the phone?

Rumored to have a power of 1GHz processor (Qualcomm of course) plus Verizon will be the carrier once this phone is out in the market. Although nothing has been finalized nor has been proven to be a fact, everyone seems to be pretty excited about this smart phone. Want to know why?

Here are some of the rumored specs of HTC Dragon:

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets dragon thumb HTC Dragon, Fire starter of 2010: Specs and Review

The Dragon’s Rumored features

1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
screen display of 4.3 inch
480×800 (pretty impressive) resolution
2.0 firmware + HTC sense

I just wrote the features that will somehow make you drool and say “ I want this gizmo to be mine, All mine!”

This Dragon in the making will be out and breathing fire by January 2010, and as you can see it’s feature is way beyond it’s siblings. From the 528MhZ to an outrageous and almost twice as much, 1GHz processor. The screen display is a stunner because it’s flaunting a 4.3 screen with multi-touch compared to HTC’ prior phones that flashes a 3.2 inch screen. Plus a pretty impressive resolution, bragging it’s bright colors at 480×800! This phone will definitely start the fire in the gizmo scene in 2010!

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets dragon 3

This phone will definitely steal the scene and create a drama once launched, well that is if, the rumored features are all true!

Since nobody knows how much this wicked of a gadget will cost, I guess it’s safe to save money this Month of December! I know that this month is a time for sharing and giving and treating your love one’s, but think of yourself too, it pays to be a little selfish sometimes. So if you want to be seen with this awesome smart phone next year, I suggest that you spend your money wisely (better yet don’t spend at all) so you can be prepared for this Dragon once it’s made available to the public.

I know you’ve been itching to get a grip and get a glance of this breath taking phone, so we included a video of HTC Dragon hands-on exploration.

CAUTION: You may feel envious of the guy doing the demo.

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