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Have you heard of the iOS4.1? Want to have it on your iPhone 4 or iPads? Will the iPhone 4 resolve the reception issues of the iPhone 4? These questions are yet to be answered.

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As promised, Apple has come up with the iOS4.1 which aims to resolve its signal bar issues. But will the iOS4.1 be able to resolve the iPhone’s 4 reception problem. Apparently, the iOS4.1 being just a software, does not resolve the iPhone 4’s reception issue. The reception issue raised about the iPhone 4 is believed to have something to do with its hardware. This conclusion was based on some trials made with the iPhone 4.

Apple ensured that the iOS4 will be tested thoroughly before its launch to the public. Based on the results of a series of tests, the iOS4.1 simply fixes the iPhone’s configuration regarding the accuracy of signal strength display.

Apple seems to have improved the way the iPhone’s reception is measured and displayed. Before an upgrade you might be seeing around 5 bars of signal strength but after upgrading to iOS4.1 it will reveal around 3 to 4 bars only which represent more accurate signal strength.

The iOS4.1 is a 595MB firmware download for the iPhone. It seems that the Apple is really serious in developing the iOS4.1 firmware. With iOS4 being a beta release, it is advised that normal users must stay away from this most especially jailbreakers and unlockers.

Amazingly, Apple has removed the possibility of installing this firmware unless you’re a developer. Some reports also say that Apple might have added a digital watermark for jailbroken devices as well. This will give jailbreakers and unlockers a hard time doing their thing.

The iOS4.1 will be available for download soon for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS devices. With this new firmware, it is expected that Apple might as well implemented some other improvements aside from the improvement made on the formula regarding the signal strength display.

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