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Just after an hour of posting our reaction towards the recent COD Black Ops patch happening today on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, comes these several problems awaiting for the players, but before we get into that, we will start on the good news first!

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets call of duty black ops steam COD Black Ops PS3 / Xbox 360 Patch: Spawn Fix and Game Crash After Patch?

If you will look at the thread posted by Treyarch’s main man JD_2020, it appears they are now fixing that spawn glitch whereas this problem brings a bug on the deletion of some negative aspects even the culprit has been cleared out. This brought some headaches on some matches becaused it turns out, Black Ops sytems was flagging some players as bad spawns, in which the case should entirely be different. In addition to this live fix, there’ll be a reduction on the range of combat knives as well.

As for the bad news, if you are experiencing some freezing / game crash on Black Ops after the patch and it is forcing you to restart the whole game again, you are not alone. In fact, if you will search it on Big G, there ’s quite a few articles posting this imminent ‘network problem’. So far, I haven’t experienced this bug on my gameplay so it could only be an isolated case, but that doesn’t mean Treyarch shouldn’t be eyeing on this pending problem as well.

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