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Blackberry’s recent acquisition of the domain gave way to some interesting rumors around. And It appears that these ongoing rumors in the tech world as well as gadget websites revealed that Research In Motion is currently preparing for its launch of a Blackberry Tablet sometime in November. Apparently this tablet will be called the Blackpad and will come in 9.7 inch display which is comparable with that of the Apple iPad.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets blackberry blackpad concept Blackberry Tablet: Blackpad Release Date and Specs Revealed!

RIM is hoping to get the same success as Apple had with its iPad with its upcoming release of the Blackpad which is estimated to happen a few months from now. Apple had sold around 3 million units of iPad in just 80 days after it was officially made available in the market. If RIM seriously want to have the same success as Apple had then they should work double time and exert great effort before Apple releases a new generation of the iPad.

The Blackpad basically has the same dimension and features as the iPad. It will feature a full touchscreen, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless technology and a slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard as opposed to the virtual keyboard that the iPad has. It will also come with a downright comical Blackpad label.

There were certain speculations that the Blackpad will feature a 1 GHz processor made by Marvell, full HD 1080p video playback capabilities, a back and front-facing camera, and advanced 3D graphics. But this are all rumored specs only, RIM has not yet confirmed any specs that the Blackpad will feature upon its release.

If RIM is really serious to come up with a tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad, then RIM must be able to demonstrate how it can stand up against the iPad. Rumors also say that RIM is planning to capitalize on the Blackberry’s email capabilities and its phone popularity among corporate users. That is why this upcoming Blackpad will be closely integrated with the Blackberry’s e-mail system and will also have the same security for messaging.

It will also be a breeze for users of the Blackpad to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi technology wherever they may be – in the office, coffee shop or in their own home. With its Bluetooth technology one can easily connect to other devices as well although, this device does not have the capability to connect directly to some cellular networks.

The Blackpad is estimated to be released in November this year – which is very timely for the holiday season – and estimated to carry out a price (also similar with the iPad) starting at $499. We just have to wait and see how well it will perform against Apple’s tablet.

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