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Have you always loved a Blackberry phone? Have you always liked a slider phone and wished Blackberry would come up with one? Well hopefully the leaked Blackberry slider is for real! Now don’t just expect that this phone will be a slider but it will also be a Touchscreen phone!

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets bb1 thumb Blackberry Slider Smartphone Leaked! Specs Review

RIMhas been trying to come up with something unconventional this time to break the monotonous line of phones they have that looks exactly like the other and only a thing or two will be changed. Despite all these Blackberry still remained to be a top seller business phones. I would guess that the reason behind it is its simplicity and classiness, just like a Mercedes Benz it will never be out of style!

Blackberry Slide is still a rumored phone though we can see pictures roaming around the net we cannot really rely on it being true (people nowadays are just so talented with using Photoshop you’ll even have a hard time identifying which is real or fake). Though I’m still hoping that this is a project being built or processed by RIM, I mean who wouldn’t want a fresh new look from a Blackberry phone? (Definitely no one). The pictures we have for the new slider phone from RIM looks like a Samsung slide phone, just a little bit wider I guess.

cool latest new high tech mobile cell phone gadgets BB slider schematic

I bet anyone would understand that this phone may not flaunt a lot of changes from the inside. Just think and realize that this is a very big leap from Rim to change the physical attributes of their phone, which explains why the slider BB will not be boasting too much chipset or OS changes. We also don’t have any idea whether RIM will be using a capacitive or resistive screen on their new phone (I’m crossing my finger for a capacitive). The resolution of the screen remains at 360 x 480 while running a BlackBerry 6.0. According to the people who have been eaves dropping the phone might be named Storm 2 or Talladega. Whichever it is I would still find it cool to have a new twist out of a Blackberry phone!

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